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All of our foods are free from chemical or artificial preservatives

Vitamin extract helps to preserve and stabilies shelf  life of the food but also deliver health-promoting benefits.

  • Vitamins extracts benefits include collagen creation, whilst helping support and boost the immune system
  • All ingredients are listed on all dog food packaging.

Yes,  although some Dog Food are specifically made and  marketed toward working dog’s. The food will provide all the nutrients needed for your household pet

Arden Grange Adult Grain Free Salmon & Superfoods 12kg

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Arden Grange Adult Grain Free Salmon & Superfoods.  Arden Grange Grain free adult salmon & superfoods is a complete, super food premium pet food for normally active adult dogs. It contains 43% Salmon as the prime source of protein and be of benefit to skin and coat. This recipe excludes grain and cereals and contains a novel carbohydrate source for dogs who cannot tolerate white potato or rice. This diet also includes our blend of natural-rich superfood ingredients, Our special superfood blends of fruit and plant extract includes nutrient-rich ingredients that have been selected for their excellent antioxidant properties and will provide much needed support to dogs immune and overall health and wellbeing. The benefits of adding superfoods to our diets are increasingly gaining recognition . Rich in certain compounds, these foods hold powerful potential  to boost our health and that of our pets.


Salmon 43% (salmon meal 23%  fresh salmon 20% ) sweet potato (18%)  tapioca, peas, beet pulp, refined chicken oil, pumpkins, linseed, salmon digests, krill, yeast, whole egg, coconut, oil (1%) minerals, prebiotic FOS, prebiotic MOS, spirulina (0.1%) cranberry extract (500mg/kg) = pomegranate, extract, dried blueberries, dried mulberries, dried lingonberries, rosehips, yucca.

Nutritional Constituents.

Crude Protein 28%,  Crude Fats  16%,  Crude Ash 8.5%, Crude Fibre3%.

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Weight of Dog Feeding Per Day
1 - 5kg 30 - 110g
5 - 10kg 110 - 180g
10 - 20kg 180 - 300g
20 - 30kg 300 - 410g
40kg + 510g

Please note – this is just a very general guide and the feeding amount will depend on the amount of activity, age, breed, and environment. Please consult a professional vet if unsure.

6 x 5 kg 6 Bags Per Box
5 x 6 kg 5 Bags Per Box
2 x 12 kg or 2 x 15kg  2 Bags Per Box

Other products can be added up to maximum 30 kg per  one order

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